We could fill a library with peer-reviewed science indicating human caused climate change is real. But let’s pause for a moment and imagine it’s the year 2040.

Imagine that we have reduced pollution enough to have a stable climate. A stable climate that is able to support a diversity of life, where communities can flourish and reliably grow food year after year, a world where we have endless decentralised energy from the sun and the wind, where our transport is clean and accessible for all who need it, where Indigenous peoples are respected and have rights as the traditional custodians of this country, a world where people are equal and accepted regardless of their skin colour, gender, sexuality or ability, where the places we love are thriving with biodiversity and protected for all time, our cities are transformed with urban gardens that feed their citizens, a world that is more caring, with a vibrant citizenry and a healthy democracy that is accountable to the people it represents.

Sounds pretty good right?

This future we just painted, it’s entirely possible with the technology we have today. If you share this vision, then you’re standing with millions of people across the world calling for climate justice.

These people see the climate crisis as the greatest threat facing our generation, threatening everything we hold dear. But we also see it as an opportunity, because the world is already incredibly unfair and unsustainable. And to address the climate crisis, we need to change a lot - how we get our energy, our food, and move around - and if we can embed our values of justice and sustainability in the solutions to climate change, we can start making a better world now.

Of course, if you’re wanting to dig deep into the climate science then here’s a great place to get an understanding.

At AYCC, we don’t just teach young people about climate science, we teach them that they can make a difference. We know how to do it for thousands of young people - with our unique peer-to-peer education model, transformative training events, and an inspiring national network of young people who are learning by innovating and working hard together to create a better world.

If you share our vision and hope, then please support our work and join the movement.

Together we can make the world cleaner, fairer and better.