As a young person, it’s pretty hard to watch the news roll in of our embarrassing politicians basically smooching the coal industry instead of heeding the call from scientists to take political leadership. I’m sure you feel the same. We know our future is on the line, and that’s why we’re mobilising in huge numbers - from rallies to doorknocks - to resist decisions that put the coal lobby ahead of our future.

Young people are out there every day calling on people from all sides of politics to show real leadership on climate change, which means ruling out new coal and gas projects like Adani’s coal mine. And right now, we have a real chance to influence the Labor Party’s position on climate and coal ahead of the next election.

We have the vision, the technology and the public support for real climate action. And together, we can shift the politics to make that a reality. Will you chip in to make it happen?

The Labor Party need to hear loud and clear that you can’t have a legit climate policy and refuse to limit fossil fuel exports. To shift the whole party, we need to make the issue impossible for Labor to ignore. So we’ll crash every press conference, we’ll cover their electorates, we’ll meet with every candidate - together we’ll ensure that until Labor stop Adani, they won’t be able to talk about anything else.

We’ve helped make sure that climate justice and stopping Adani have been front and centre for politicians at every turn. As young people, our volunteers bring something unique to the fight: relentless optimism, creativity and cheeky tactics that make politicians pay attention.

Like our giant billboard outside Labor MP Chris Bowen’s office in August. Or that time we chased Malcolm Turnbull around to make sure he wouldn’t give public money to Adani!

Here’s what’s happening on the ground right now to shift the politics and stop Adani…

#1: Our volunteers are becoming citizen detectives: scoping out where every single Labor MP, Senator and candidate stands on Adani and working out how we can shift each person to speak out against Adani by December. $10 can provide the basic resources volunteers need - like phone credit and bus tickets - to meet with and influence their MP for climate action - donate $10 now.

#2: We’ve got #StopAdani doorknocks happening across the country, having countless conversations with voters about the issue and how they can influence their MP, while collecting thousands of petition signatures (we’ve got about 21,000 so far!). $20 can print the flyers and resources for a day of doorknocking - donate $20 now.

#3: In December, we’ll take the signatures and stories we’ve collected from across the country to Labor’s National Conference in Adelaide - and run a huge action out front to make sure this issue can’t be ignored. $50 can help cover transport for young people on the front lines of climate change to get to the conference - donate $50 now.

By chipping in whatever you can afford, you’ll be making your mark as part of this campaign. Donate today and our keen bean volunteers will get the message out there far and wide on your behalf.

Let's do it

Already, our volunteers have been dreaming up fresh, creative ways to cut through: everything from chalking Bill Shorten’s running route with #StopAdani, to hosting candidates’ forums to find out where their pollies stand. If you have other great ideas for how we can build the pressure - I’d love if you could reply to this email and share them with us!

I’m so excited about the creative ways we can get our message out there in the months ahead, all thanks to people like you!

In hope,

Kelly for the AYCC team.

P.S. If you can’t donate right now - that’s totally fine! We really appreciate all the ways you support our movement - whether it’s signing a petition, calling your MP, or talking to your friends.

If you haven’t already, please sign our People’s Motion to Stop Adani and share it with your friends so we can show the strength of public support.