Email your local MP!

The government’s toxic trio of bills that threaten democracy and your voice are still on the table.

Luckily they were recently dealt a large blow, when one of the scariest bills - known as the Advocacy Gag law - was ripped apart by a parliamentary working group, all thanks to the noise that we made together.

And now, the Labor party has moved in support of charities against this trio of anti-democratic bills.

This is a great start, but we need to make sure that these bills stay dead for good.

That’s why together we are going to tell the stories of charities making a better society, and send them to our local Members of Parliament (MP), calling on them to stand up for charities.

Will you send a message to your local MP about the importance of the work that charities do and the urgent need to protect them from attacks from the government?

We drafted a small message for you, but we encourage you to rewrite it and make it your own.

Here are some ideas to get you started on a subject line: make it uniquely yours!

  • Hands off our charities
  • Don’t attack the good work of charities
  • Drop the toxic foreign donation bills that attack charities

Here are some pointers on what to include in your message:

  • A story about, or the the work of a charity that you care about, here are some examples from the AYCC & Seed:
    • Stopping the Big 4 Australian banks from investing in Adani and thus protecting the Reef and our climate.
    • Winning a new solar thermal power plant for Port Augusta to power the town with renewable energy and provide clean jobs for ex-coal workers
    • Empowering schools students to transition their schools to 100% renewable energy
  • The importance of being able to freely lend your voice and money to charities and causes that you care about
  • The need to make sure the government keeps their Hands off our Charities and what is at stake if this trio of advocacy attacking bills go through.
  • The urgent need for your MP to oppose the trio of toxic bills that are attacking charities, so that we can all get on with making a better world.

If we keep up this pressure we can make sure these bills are dumped for good, and ensure we can continue fighting for climate justice.

Click here for explainers on the three bills.

This action has now finished!