Change Our Future - Climate Leadership Camp

Have you ever wanted to play a meaningful part in solving the challenges posed by climate change?

We’re on track for an ever-warming world. We’ve had our hottest year on record. We’ve lost a quarter of our Great Barrier Reef. The stakes are high and, at times, our future looks grim. 

But now’s a better time than ever to be involved, and Australia needs leaders like you. This is our opportunity to come together and make a difference. It’s time to change our future.

Join us at the AYCC and SEED Climate Leadership Camp the first weekend of the midsemester uni break.

Limited places - grab yours at
- Waged: $30 / day
- Concession: $15 / day

Venue: MYSTERY LOCATION in Southeast Queensland - to be announced soon!

What’s included?
- Overnight cabin accommodation (Venue Hint #1!)
- Transport to and from the venue
- Meals and snacks for both days
- Practical skills workshops to apply your knowledge to solving the mother of all real-world problems: global warming
- Training sessions for creating and leading change
- Networking with other like-minded young people who want to fix the climate crisis
- Talks from young climate action leaders, making a difference in their communities
- Opportunity to share your own, and learn from others’, stories and experiences with climate change and the climate action movement
- Bulk marshmallows
- Spooky campfire ghost stories (what’s spookier than a 2 degree increase in average global temperatures??)
- An idyllic retreat into Queensland’s immaculate natural surrounds (Venue Hint #2!)

September 24, 2016 at 7:30am - September 26, 2016
Brisbane, Queensland 4000
Google map and directions
David Cazzulino · · 0447238095

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