Call Federal Labor - Hands off our future

Right now the Government has a trio of toxic new bills on the table which will effectively silence us from taking action on climate change1.

This is our future on the line. Talk about why blocking these bills are so important:

These bills aim to silence organisations like Seed & AYCC for speaking out against issues like climate change. It will cut off AYCC’s funding by forcing anyone who donates more than $4.80 a week to get a formal document signed and witnessed by a Justice of the Peace.2 It will trap hundreds of charities and social justice groups like us into new restrictive reporting requirements so intense that there is no way a small organisation like us could survive. These bills only apply to civil society, not their mates in the fossil fuel industry.

Call Federal Labor now to block these bills:

Bill Shorten – (03) 9326 1300

Chris Bowen – (02) 9604 0710

Jim Chalmers - (02) 6277 4880

Tony Burke – (02) 6277 4410

Mark Butler – (02) 6277 4089

Jason Clare – (02) 6277 4904

Tanya Plibersek – (02) 6277 4404

Click here to call your local Federal MP
(TIP: call their electorate office number)

Calling tips:

  • Talk about what's at stake for you. What would it mean to you if we couldn't take action on climate change. 
  • When you call you may be talking to a staff member and not a politician, ask them to leave a message.
  • Be polite and encouraging, but firm! This is our future on the line.
  • Ask them to come out publicly in the opposition to the legislation and make it clear we will not accept any amendments. We have legal advice which tells us that no amount of changes will lesson the impact of these anti-democratic bills because of the way it's written. They must block the bills in their entirety.
  • Take notes and let us know how you go!

[1] Charities warn Australia's foreign donation laws will strangle advocacy, The Guardian, 11 January 2018

[2] Electoral Legislation Amendment (Electoral Funding and Disclosure Reform) Bill 2017

Will you call?

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