Call Turnbull: coal is over, we don't want a dirty energy policy!

BREAKING: Malcolm Turnbull has just announced his government are cutting the Clean Energy Target. We need to stand up for renewable energy and the clean energy future that our generation needs.

Call Malcolm Turnbull today and tell him that he needs to support the Clean Energy Target and not support a dirty energy policy.

Let Malcolm Turnbull know that he cannot turn his back on our generation, our climate and clean energy future with these key talking points:

  • We need to transition away from coal and towards cheaper, cleaner and more reliable renewable energy that can power our homes around the clock. Coal is a dying industry that is threatening our safe climate, and should not continue to be kept on life support with taxpayer dollars.

  • The government need a climate change policy and a clean energy target that will deliver the jobs and safe climate of tomorrow. Without a push for a clean energy future Malcolm Turnbull and his Liberal party will make our generation miss out on the renewables boom and the clean environment that will accompany it.

  • To correctly manage our energy grid we need a strong Clean Energy Target to build and invest in renewable energies. Without the confidence and investment that a strong CET inspire, we will not have a robust and flexible energy grid that can deal with the pressures of the future.

Make sure to stay calm and polite - you will most likely not be talking to Malcolm Turnbull directly and instead will likely have a nice staffer on the other end of the phone.


Call Turnbull today: 02 6277 7700 

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