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Throughout history, everyday people have taken part in peaceful protests like rallies to stand up for the issues they care about - like climate change, womens rights or land rights. But legislation about to hit the Parliament could criminalise those participating in peaceful protests to defend our future and human rights. [1]

Right now, Members of Parliament need to feel the weight of public pressure to amend this Bill, which could see people given a prison sentence for holding a peaceful rally outside an MP’s office.

As Labor leader, Bill Shorten has an opportunity to decide how his party votes when this legislation hits the Parliament.

We’ve put together some talking points that you can use on the phone:

  • Hi, my name is xxx and I’m from xxx.
  • I’m calling because I’m concerned about the potential impact of the “Espionage and Foreign Interference Bill” on the rights of everyday Australians to peaceful protest and freedom of expression.
  • I wanted to pass on a message for Mr Shorten to please amend this Bill to make sure that peaceful protest is not criminalised.

Let us know how you go!


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