Call Bill Shorten to #StopAdani

Call Bill Shorten now and demand the Labor Party commit to stopping Adani’s dangerous coal mine.

Call now: (03) 9326 1300

Right now is crunch time! We know that Labor is currently deciding their climate policy for the election and we need to make sure that includes stopping Adani! Call Bill Shorten now to speak up for a safe climate future.

Calling tips:

  • When you call you may be talking to a staff member and not a politician, ask them to leave a message
  • Be polite and encouraging, but firm! This is our future on the line.
  • Talk about why stopping Adani and transitioning away from coal is so important to you.
  • Ask them to come out publicly in the opposition to Adani’s coal mine and make their opposition CLEAR.

Here's some notes to help you on the phone:

  • I’m calling today to express my concerns over the Adani coal mine.
  • Adani’s mine should not go ahead and your party should make a commitment to stopping the mine.
    • They’re currently under investigation after already breaking our laws!
    • The Reef provides 70,000 jobs- if the Reef dies it will have a serious impact on all the people whose livelihoods depend on the Reef. It’s a $67 billion asset and we shouldn’t jeopardise it.
    • 270 billion litres would be drained by Adani at a time when Queensland is experiencing crippling drought.
    • Adani is a nightmare for the climate- it’ll lock in more bushfires, droughts, cyclones, extreme heat and changing weather.
  • Before the election, I expect Labor to take steps to show you’re serious about climate action which means stopping Adani’s mine.
  • Can you please confirm how you will ensure my message is passed on to Mr Shorten?

Want to do more? Call Scott Morrison as well and leave the same message! (02) 9523 0339. 

Scott Morrison's Government is currently deciding whether or not to approve Adani's groundwater plans, one of the last approvals Adani needs to get the mine off the ground. Call today and tell the Prime Minister why Adani's mine should not go ahead. 

Will you call?

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