Call The Environment Department to #StopAdani

Tell the Queensland Government: it's time to listen to the science and reject Adani's water plan. Call (07) 3338 9304 today.

Adani already have a 60-year unlimited water licence and a special deal to drain almost as much water from the Suttor River every year as all the agricultural users combinedNow, they’re trying to evade crucial research to assess their mine’s impact on ancient springs. This is unacceptable - and the Queensland Government need to hear it.

Will you call the Environment Department to speak up against Adani? Here are some talking points to help you on the phone:

  • Hi my name's xxx and I'm from xxxx.
  • I’m calling today to ask the Department, and the Director General Jamie Merrick, to reject the draft Adani Groundwater Dependent Ecosystem Management Plan (GDEMP)
  • I’d like to pass this message on to the Director General along with my name.  Are you able to either transfer me across to speak to him, or take my message down in writing?
  • I'm ringing particularly to ask if the Department will make Adani do the new research recommended by Federal Government scientists on the risks to the ancient Doongmabulla Springs before a decision is made on the management plan.
  • This requires high resolution seismic surveys and deep water bores to be drilled to fully understand the risks to the Springs. Are you going to require this research to be done?

The phone will probably be answered by a staff member. Relax, be polite, and stand strong on your message: the Department must do proper research to understand the impacts of Adani's mine on Queensland's precious water resources.

Finally, let them know why this issue mattes to your personally. What concerns you the most about this mine? Right now our leaders need to hear why this issue matters to Queenslanders!

Call (07) 3338 9304 today and ask for a proper environmental assessment of Adani's mine.

Will you call?

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