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Call Queensland’s Premier, Annastacia Palaszczuk on (07) 3719 7000

The Queensland government is under enormous pressure from Adani and their fossil fuel lobbyist mates to approve the mine’s groundwater management plan - taking Adani one step closer to starting work.

Adani think they can bully the Queensland Government into approving their dodgy water plans. So right now, we need to show the strength of community support for a proper, thorough review of the evidence before Adani's mine is approved.

Here are some talking points to help you on the phone...

  • Hi, my name’s (xxxx) and I wanted to leave a message for the Premier.
  • Queensland is on the frontline of climate change and droughts and as a young person, I’m seriously concerned about the impact of Adani’s mine on our water.
  • Given how serious the consequences of this mine are, I think it’s only fair that Adani be made to locate the source aquifer as a part of their groundwater management plan.
  • As droughts get worse in Queensland, our water becomes more precious and we need to know it’s safe for future generations in light of worsening climate change.
  • Could you please make sure my message is passed onto the Premier?

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