Call Premier Palaszczuk: Adani are crooked

Make Queensland Labor feel the heat of Adani's scandals by calling Palaszczuk's office now (07) 3737 2100

Last night's 4 Corners exposé into Adani's sordid history in India showed us that letting them build the biggest coal mine in the world is a risk far too big to take. 

But seemingly, the Queensland government have their hands over their ears, they are refusing to listen to the experts that are telling us this mine is financially, environmentally and socially unviable. So we have to give them a wake up call. 

Use these talking points to help you through the conversation, take a deep breath and don't stress, they'll be nice on the phone:

(07) 3737 2100

  • Hi there, my name is XXXX and I'm from XXXX. I watched the Four Corners report on Adani last night and I am very concerned about allowing this company to operate in Queensland. 
  • They have a proven track record or bribery, corruption, environmental destruction and disregarding the laws of the country they are operating in.
  • How can we expect any "stringent conditions" to deter Adani when they have never proved that they can abide by the law and are only interested in maximising profits at any costs?
  • What wasn't mentioned in the report, but something I am very concerned about is the impact of the mine on our climate. The coal when burnt will fuel global warming and cause more of the extreme weather events that threaten our state. 
  • Are you worried about the impact that this 4 corners exposé will have on your re-election? When do you plan on announcing the election?

Let us know how you go! 

Call the Premier today and tell her to #StopAdani

(07) 3737 2100

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