Call Labor to #StopAdani

We're calling for all political parties to stop the Adani coal mine for a safe climate future. And right now - we've got an opportunity to put pressure on key Labor politicians, demonstrating ahead of the election that people across the country are concerned about this issue. 

One way Labor could respond to the public concern about Adani’s mine would be to review their environmental approvals if elected. Will you call a Labor cabinet member and demonstrate how concerned our community is about Adani's mine?

Call now:

Chris Bowen – Shadow Treasurer - (02) 9604 0710

Tony Burke – Shadow Environment Minister - (02) 9750 9088

Jason Clare – Shadow Minister for Trade & Investment - (02) 9790 2466


Here's some tips to help you on the phone:

When you call you may be talking to a staff member and not a politician, ask them to leave a message. Be polite and encouraging, but firm! This is our future on the line. Feel free to personalise the conversation and talk about why this issue matters to you.

  • I'm calling because I'm concerned about the Adani coal mine. The main thing I'm concerned about is the impact of Adani's mine for our climate. We cannot afford to open up new fossil fuel projects if we want a safe climate future.
  • An incoming government could take a range of steps to respond to public concern over the Adani mine - including a commitment to review Adani's environmental approvals if elected.
  • I'm calling on Labor to show real climate leadership by taking action to move Australia beyond coal and gas, including coal exports, to a 100% clean energy future.
  • What is [MP name]'s current position on the Adani mine? (engage with what they say)
  • Can you please confirm how you will ensure my message is passed on to [MP name]?

Let us know how you go!

Will you call?

Help us reach our goal of 68 calleds