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GHD’s current contract with Adani ending in just a FEW DAYS.

Will you help us ensure GHD build our future instead of Adani’s coal mine by jumping on the phone right now?

Call them now: 

Call GHD: 03 8687 8000

Here are some talking points to guide you through the conversations:

  • Tell them you've heard a lot about the Adani project, and you're concerned about how it'll affect our climate and our communities.
  • Tell them why it's important to you we build a clean energy future instead of more fossil fuels.
  • Ask them if they will agree to meet with young people to discuss our concerns.
  • Mention that over 5,000 young people sent them and the board an open letter requesting a meeting.
  • Ask them if they can note down your concerns and pass it on to their manager. 

Call GHD: 03 8687 8000

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