Call GHD to #StopAdani

We know that Adani has caused a massive wedge within GHD and after the Week of Action- they're really feeling the pressure. Right now, we've got their attention so this is our moment to make sure that GHD knows how loud & powerful our movement is.

We know that for us to have a safe climate future, we need to stop Adani’s mine. And we won’t compromise on that, as GHD is quickly learning!

Call GHD now to #StopAdani!

  • Melbourne office: (03) 8687 8000
  • Brisbane office: (07) 3316 3000

Hi, my name’s _____ and I’m from _____

I’m calling because I’m really concerned that GHD is working on Adani’s coal & rail project.

Adani’s mine is a disaster for our climate and GHD should not be working on that project - either mine or rail - when it will have such disastrous impacts to young people’s future. I want to see GHD committed to projects that will build our future- not exacerbate climate catastrophe.

Could you please make sure my message is passed onto the Executive Management Team of GHD?




Will you call?

Help us reach our goal of 108 i calleds