Labor, It's Time to Stop Adani

Call Shadow Environment Minister Tony Burke today and ask him to stand on the right side of the fence (and history) by committing to stopping Adani.

(02) 9750 9088

If this is your first time calling, you're going to be great, take a deep breath and just pick up the phone! You'll probably speak to a helpful staffer.

Here are some talking points for you to use on the phone:

  • Hi, my name’s (xxx), I live in (xxx) and I’m (xx) years old
  • I’ve just heard that the Coalition government has just rushed through Adani’s water plans, a decision that goes against the science and appears to be a decision based on internal party power plays.
  • This is obviously disappointing for a decision that’s so important. It also pulls into question the process undertaken for all their other approvals - how much political interference has gone on here.
  • I want to know that Labor is serious on climate action and committed to protecting my future, and that you’ll show Australia that you’re willing to take a stand against corporate interference with our political process.
  • That’s why I want the Labor party to commit to reviewing Adani’s approval and acting on that approval before the election
  • It’ll show me and all the other young people who are concerned about climate change that you are serious about an issue we really care about.
  • Will Tony Burke and Labor be committing to reviewing Adani’s approvals and acting on that review before the election?

Call Tony Burke today on (02) 9750 9088 and show the strength of support to #StopAdani

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