Call Premier Andrews: Repower Our Schools

The Victorian Liberal Party just announced a commitment to assist public schools to get solar panels!

This is a good first step, but we need to see bipartisan support to guarantee the renewables future we want to see which is why we are calling the Victorian Premier, Daniel Andrew.

If hundreds of us call the Premier today and leave a message in support of solar schools, then we can get all parties in Victoria to commit to real action for clean energy in our schools.

Give the Premier a ring today! Feel free to mention what’s been done in your school, or that you’ve sent the Repower Report to your local MP.

Here’s some talking points to help you on the phone:

If you’re a high school student:

  • Hi my name’s [name] and I’m a student at [school]
  • I’m calling because I want to see the Victorian Government commit to repower all schools with clean energy
  • Climate change is a big issue that will affect my future and I want my school to be part of the solution
  • I wanted to leave a message for the Premier asking him to please release a plan to fund Victorian schools to repower with clean energy and install solar.
  • Thank you!

If you’re a community supporter:

  • Hi I’m (name) from (your area)
  • I just saw that the Liberal party has announced a plan for solar on public schools - and wondering if Labor has a plan to one up them in the lead up to the election? 
  • Neither the Liberals or Greens' policies meet the full potential of repowering schools with solar - the ideal would be a 100kwh system on every public school.
  • I know Labor has committed to putting solar panels on 650,000 homes which shows commitment to action on climate change. The next obvious step is putting solar panels in our schools.
  • I want Labor to commit to a comprehensive policy to repower our schools before the election!
    • A great policy would include:
      • Energy savings going back to schools,
      • Prioritising the schools already feeling the impacts of climate change
      • Climate education being in the curriculum.
  • Thank you!

Call the Premier for Solar Schools -

(03) 9651 5000

Will you call?

Help us reach our goal of 18 calleds