What if I told you brunch is under attack?

All the things we love to eat and drink while catching up with friends and family over a couple of lattes on the weekend are at risk of vanishing from our tables in the near future. Avocados, chocolate and coffee will get harder to grow as the world gets warmer.

That’s why this October 9-22 millennials will do the unthinkable and go without avocados and coffee to save our Great Barrier Reef. 


The humble avocado has become the millennial fruit of choice. But our generation might have to go without avocados AND buying a house if climate change continues to wreck the things we love.

Climate change affects the avocado industry in many ways - from disease, to fruit quality to where we can actually grow avocados. In the next 3 decades, rising temperatures will lead to a 40% loss in crops. That’s not cool.

Mr A Johnson, an Avocado Farmer from Coffs Harbour says “If you want to keep eating smashed avocado on toast, then we need to stop burning fossil fuels”.

Climate change will continue to have a huge impact on the people and places we love if we don’t take serious climate action. Increasing temperatures from global warming and burning fossil fuels is already having devastating impacts on the Reef and agricultural communities that grow our coffee, cocoa and avocados.

Yep, your cup of morning brew will get more expensive and leave a bitter taste in your mouth.

Scientists are telling us that rising temperatures and extreme weather events will cut the global areas suitable for coffee production in half by 2050. Half the land to grow coffee beans means half the coffee beans for our morning lattes. No morning coffee: no good.

Chocoholics beware.

Just like coffee beans, cocoa is grown in regions that suffer from heat stress and extreme drought. According to the experts in West Africa (where most of our cocoa comes from) temperatures are expected to increase 2.1 degrees by 2050 with no extra rainfall. For cacao trees this is not good news.

But seriously. Climate change is going to cook brunch and not in a good way.

That’s why thousands of young people are going without the things they love to protect the Great Barrier Reef from climate change this month for 2 weeks from October 9-22. You can go without coffee, chocolate, avocado or something else to stop Australia’s biggest coal and gas projects.

The Adani mega coal mine will be five times the size of Sydney Harbour, making it the largest new coal mine in the world and beneath just one community in the NT is 22 billion tonnes of CO2-equivalent emissions. These fossil fuel projects take us in the completely wrong direction. They must be stopped.

The power to save brunch and the Reef is in your hands. Sign up to For the Love of the Reef today at www.fortheloveof.org.au to help raise awareness and the vital funds that will make campaigns to stop Australia’s biggest coal and gas projects impossible to ignore.

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If you are a cafe interested in a safe climate future you can email Liv at liv@aycc.org.au and we’ll send you a pack and all the resources you need for tips jars, posters and other ways your crew and customers can get involved with our Smashed Avocado Challenge.

A big thank you to other cafes who are taking the challenge - Wide Open Road, Handsome Her, Mr Feed Cafe, The Glass Den, Oli & Levi, Glo Health & Lanes Edge Cafe and Bar.