10 reasons why letting BP drill for oil in the Great Australia Bight is the worst idea ever.

1. The Bight is big, beautiful and blue. So blue.

The Great Australian Bight is home to more unique sealife than the Great Barrier Reef, and is a whale nursery. Their project proposal documents show  that BP’s planned rigs are right in the middle of a whale breeding highway:

2. The Mirning people have an important dreamtime story about the Bight and a unique connection to the ocean

The Mirning whale dreamers are the Traditional Owners of the Nullarbor and the Great Australian Bight. They have raised serious concerns about drilling in their Sea Country and have told BP they are not welcome. The great white whale, Jeedara – who built the giant limestone cliffs – is at the center of their song.

3. Hello, it’s BP. They can’t be trusted.

Exhibit A: Deepwater Horizon disaster

Here is a list of other disasters they caused, just to remind you how risky it is for them to drill in Australia.

4. BP fund climate deniers, and do everything they can to hold back action to stop global warming

They actually top the list of corporations obstructing climate policy progress in Europe, and globally has funded a network of climate deniers to spread misinformation and confusion about climate science. (which is obvs settled and can we please stop talking about it now and get on with the job of fixing it?)

5. It would take 157 days for the clean up ship to arrive when an oil spill happens

BP would have to bring critical clean up response infrastructure from Singapore or Houston to plug the hole, this could take up to 157+ days, by that time the oil will have spread to WA, Victoria, Tasmania, NSW and possibly even Antarctica. Yeah, good luck cleaning that up!

(Oil spill modelling conducted by Oceanographer and Oil Spill modelling expert, Laurent C. M. Lebreton, MSc)

6. It’s a freaking climate disaster, and it's already way too hot in here. 

9 billion barrels of oil. That’s a lot of carbon pollution. Estimates provided by just one company would equal four times Australia’s current annual carbon emissions alone and it’s almost as big as Adani’s Galilee Basin coal projects. We're already experiencing the impacts of a warming climate, and if our generation wants to grow up in a safe climate, all of that oil needs to stay in the ground.

 7. Baby whales!!!! 🐳



Photo credit: Andrew Correll


8. If you like it then you shouldn’t put a rig on it.

The Great Australian Bight has a booming tourism industry and supports world class fisheries and communities along the coast. 


Shit will go wrong, and the damage will be irreversible.

9. The rig ‘The Great White’ (peak predator much?), has been docked in Singapore for months because it’s it's been having stability issues

Yeah, that bodes well for some of the most tumultuous oceans in the country...

10. Coal oil and gas have to stay in the ground.

We can have a brighter, cleaner and fairer future powered by the wind, sun and waves, but to get there we need to stop digging gross fossil fuels out of the ground, and start upgrading to smarter ways of doing things. The world is warming at a pretty scary rate and causing shit to hit the fan in terms of extreme weather events. That's why real leadership looks like leaving fossil fuels underground (and under the sea)


Photo by Eamon Ryan / 350.org.

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