Stopping dangerous, climate-cooking fossil fuel projects - like shale gas fracking in the NT and Adani’s coal mine in Queensland - is the fight of our times. If these projects go ahead, they would destroy our shot at a safe climate future, so it’s up to us to stop them. That’s why hundreds of Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and non-Indigenous young people are coming together at Climate Justice Bootcamps to build skills and make plans to solve the climate crisis.

The first Bootcamps are just two weeks away - find one near you and get your ticket today!

With companies lining up to frack the Northern Territory and Adani closer than ever to getting the money to build their mine, it’s so important we come together to support one another and plan our next move in the fight for climate justice.

From repowering dozens of schools with clean energy, to stopping the big banks funding Adani’s coal mine, and supporting Aboriginal communities to fight against fracking, we have only won powerful campaigns when people like you have come together and committed to making a difference.

Climate Justice Bootcamps will be Seed and AYCC’s biggest nationwide training ever. You don’t want to miss out - so get your ticket or apply for a scholarship right now!

We’re putting together a jam-packed program for the two days of guest speakers, workshops and trainings to supercharge your skills and confidence to take action. You’ll learn about corporate campaigning tactics to take on the big fossil fuel companies, how to build a local volunteer group, media skills, and more! Whether you’ve been a volunteer for ages or your brand new, and whether you’re Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander or non-Indigenous, there’ll be heaps of awesome workshops and sessions that match your skill level and needs - so don’t worry if you’re new to this!

We’re so excited for what these Bootcamps will bring and we can’t wait to see you there! If you’ve got any questions or want more information, check out the webpage.

Hope to catch you at bootcamp!