#ClimateElection Street Action 3 - LNP, don't trash our climate!

We just can't afford another government with inadequate climate policy. With Climate Change and the Environment polling as the #1 issue in Brisbane (even more than the economy), we need to make sure our politicians in the electorate hear and see it EVERYWHERE.


So, twice each week leading up to the election, we are going to be LOUD and VISIBLE - calling out the the party of sitting member Trevor Evans from the Liberal-National Party for its inaction, and showing Trevor that his constituents want more than what his party can provide.


We'll be at high-visibility locations in the electorate such as along main roads, and places where we know Trevor will hear about us such as outside his office ;).



  • Your favourite "The LNP's climate policy is trash"-themed signs and banners
  • Noise-making implements - bins make good noise and are on-theme ;)
  • Hat, sunscreen + water
  • Energy and good vibes - so everyone who goes past us sees what we're after!
May 09, 2019 at 7:30am - 9am
Trevor Evans' Office
349 Sandgate Rd
Albion, QLD 4010
Google map and directions
Melanie McAuliffe ·

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