Adani is closer than ever to building their giant coal mine. The mine that together we have been fighting to keep from construction for years. Meanwhile, fracking companies are lining up in the NT to frack through groundwater, which would have devastating impacts for Aboriginal communities.

But in the face of all this, we have never had more hope. With a Federal election on the horizon, our powerful movement has the perfect opportunity to shift the politics of fossil fuels in this country for good, pressuring Labor and the LNP to protect our climate.

But honestly, we don’t have the money we need to do it. That’s why today we’re launching For the Love of the Reef. Go without something you love for 2 weeks to raise vital funds to stop Australia’s largest fossil fuel projects. 

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Fossil fuel companies and their lobby groups have already started their multi-million dollar pro-coal campaign. Getting headlines with their misleading information, stalking the halls of Parliament House and filling the pockets of political parties.

But we know that the power of the people is bigger when we work together, when we take bold and sustained action. That’s how together we’ve held off the Adani mine and NT fracking for so long.

To really shift the politics of fossil fuels in this country we need something special, and we reckon, as the leaders of the biggest youth organisation in the country, that you are special.

Be part of making history by signing up to take the For the Love of the Reef challenge today.

How does it work?

  • Create a profile in under 2 minutes and choose what you’ll go without, like coffee, chocolate or avocado
  • Get your family and friends to support you taking the challenge and raise funds to protect the Reef from Australia’s largest fossil fuel projects
  • The funds will be split 50/50 between AYCC and Seed, powering grassroots campaign tactics to shift the politics for climate action

We're already out in force showing the power of our movement. Just two days ago, members of the AYCC confronted Malcolm Turnbull over inaction on climate change, gaining national media attention. Now, we need your help to take our campaigns to the next level.

Social movements of the past have won when they have a critical mass of the population on their side, and they tell the most compelling story. Not only can we raise the vital funds we need, but together we can grow our movement’s size and power.

The Reef is the symbol of our fight for climate justice. Aboriginal communities have looked after the sacred Sea Country for tens of thousands of years, and it’s living proof of the impact that climate change is having right now.

Use this powerful story to encourage your friends to be part of this important fight. Create your fundraising profile online today.

For the love of our powerful social movement! 💙