Who is holding back action on climate change?

For the last three years the Federal Government have been taking us backwards on climate change.  

They have overseen a 90% drop in renewable energy investment, coal mines like Adani’s monster coal project and the Shenhua coal mine on prime agricultural land on the Liverpool Plains approved, and all the while the government continue to give $7.7 billion in handouts to polluting fossil fuel companies.

It’s clear they have backed the big polluters over renewable energy.

So what’s the reason for the lack of climate ambition? Climate Blockers.

There are well known climate skeptics in the Federal Government who have played a key role in winding back some of our most important climate policies.

So from now until the election we’re going to make sure the people of their electorate know they’re the reason Australia doesn’t have a credible climate policy.

These are their stories:

Barnaby Joyce - New England, NSW 


''It is an indulgent and irrelevant debate because, even if climate change turns out to exist one day, we will have absolutely no impact on it whatsoever … we really should have bigger fish to fry than this one" - Barnaby Joyce, December 2012

Barnaby Joyce is not just a man to hide your dogs from, he is a key power player in the Liberal National Coalition, wheeling and dealing to hold Australia in the dark ages of coal.

Read more about Barnaby here.

Andrew Nikolic - Bass, Tasmania


The member for Bass Andrew Nikolic is one of the most vocal climate skeptics in our parliament and was a key figure in the slashing of our Renewable Energy Target (RET)

Read more about Nikolic here

Peter Dutton - Dickson, QLD 


"Time doesn't mean anything when you're about to have water lapping at your door." - Peter Dutton in 2015 laughing about the impact that sea level rise will have on our Pacific neighbours

Dutton is a key power player in the Liberal Right, and as well as imprisoning innocent people seeking asylum in offshore camps, he is a key blocker of action to prevent global warming.

Read more about Peter Dutton here

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull - Wentworth, NSW 

MT .jpg

Since becoming Prime Minister in September Malcolm Turnbull has failed to stand up to the key climate blockers in his party. This has meant that we have seen the same old climate policies, slashing of renewable energy and 7 billions in subsidies for the mining industry. He is a #climatefizza


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