10 years jail time for a peaceful protest

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BREAKING: The Federal Government have just passed dangerous and draconian laws. 

The Federal Government have rushed through legislation that could mean in certain circumstances, people peacefully protesting could face 10+ years in jail!

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The legislation could put peaceful protesters who obstruct public property in jail for up to 10 years!1

These bills are a part of a trio of bills on the table designed by the government to silence the voices of people like you.

The government has rushed this legislation through without proper scrutiny and consultation. Referred to as the "Espionage" Bill, it stands for the Espionage and Foreign Interference Bill 2018. 

The right to protest cannot be taken away through prohibitive jail time.

Young people in Australia can only take action on climate change if we as a society uphold the right to protest and express our opinions. 



Espionage bill could make some protests criminal acts, The Guardian, June 2018

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