This week, in some sort of devastating deja vu, we’ve learnt that our favourite Nemo’s home, the Great Barrier Reef, has suffered a second year of coral bleaching across huge swathes of our national treasure 😢 

Coral bleaching happens when the water is too hot for the coral, and the small creatures that sustain it, to survive. The coral turns white as the zooxanthellae (the tiny plant cells) die, and the critters that rely on it don't have anything left to eat. Burning fossil fuels is literally cooking the Reef. Helloooo climate change. 

69,000 people rely on the Great Barrier Reef for jobs. From the dive instructor, to the hostel manager, to the person who serves you icecream - the Reef is not only a beautiful, unique, ancient ecosystem, it is also a world-renowned tourist destination that benefits QLD and the whole country. 

Right now, our politicians are doing everything they can to hold back action on climate change - like saying a clean energy fund should finance coal, like handing $1 billion to a billionaire mining company, like blaming renewables for everything. They're really screwing things up.  


I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to hear some real solutions from our Federal Government on how to actually protect our Reef. I’m ready for some real climate action, plans that actually reduce pollution and give our generation a shot at a safe climate future. 

Adani still have plans on the table to build a HUGE coal mine near the Reef that would be a disaster for our climate, our water and for the sacred lands of the Traditional Owners. Right now the backwards Turnbull Government is considering handing them $1billion for the project, when they’re already billionaires. Literally the dumbest idea of all time (after building the mine in the first place, that's probably the dumbest)

Imagine giving a billion dollars of someone else's money to a billionaire…LOL...WOT?! 😭

Right now the Adani coal project is in the final stages of its application for taxpayer funding and we’ve got a small window over the next few months to get super loud in our communities all across Australia to show Malcolm Turnbull there’s no chance they’re getting away with lending Adani any taxpayer cash.

Here’s three things you can do right now to Stop Adani:

  • Come to the #StopAdani roadshow - tickets here. You’ll be joined by hundreds of young people in your city and we’ll plan how we’re going to take action together and hear from inspiring speakers

  • Call your federal politician and tell them to speak out against a loan to Adani 

  • Sign up to volunteer right now - every single person who joins this campaign right now is joining the biggest fight of our generation. Sign up here and you’ll get a call from our network of volunteers in the next few weeks.

We’ve got this, we’re going to win, but we need you right now to help us turn up the noise to stop Adani and save our Great Barrier Reef from becoming the Bleached Barrier Reef