My name is Billy and I am a volunteer with the AYCC in Victoria. I first heard about the AYCC through a friend during a discussion we were having about potential volunteer opportunities. She recommended them highly, and with climate change being something I already had an interest in, I was soon signing my first petitions and then expressed an interest to volunteer.  

I couldn't have come at a more exciting time as it was just as the run up to the election was starting to heat up, this being a good opportunity to apply pressure on our politicians and let them know that this is an issue which is important to us and one that we want to see effective policies created for. I've spent the last few weeks have been spent door knocking, having conversations with people, recruiting more volunteers and trying to raise awareness of each parties policies so that everyone can see where each stands on this issue.

After attending a forum, on "Coal, Coral and Climate Change", in the electorate of Kooyong, where candidates from each party discussed their climate change policies, I came away slightly confused at the contradicting policies and facts given by each party representative in support of them. I found this really frustrating, as an issue as important as this should not be something that causes confusion and division, but something that brings people and parties together, with the common goal of finding solutions.

A global problem like this requires global solutions. That includes Australia. That is where this blog comes in handy. I thought it a good idea to try and simplify things so that not only could I understand what was going on, but so that anyone with some interest in this issue could do so as well. With the help of my fellow volunteers, we have put together this concise overview of the Coalition's climate change policies, with the hope that it will be taken into account this Saturday when we all go out and vote. Climate justice hangs in the balance, and we need to take every opportunity we can get to take steps in the right direction. This election is such an opportunity and I hope that we can take advantage of it and make a strong statement so that our leaders will put our future first.

Bipartisanship is needed on climate change, and we can all help facilitate that process by doing something as simple as voting climate this election day. We can do it!




Overview of the Coalition's Climate Policy 

The Coalition can and must do better with their climate policies.  To effectively deal with the pressing issue of global warming, more ambitious and transparent policies are needed.

The Liberal government’s poor policies include: A too low emissions reduction target of 26-28% below 2005 levels by 2030.  A 40-60% percent reduction is recommended to keep warming below the “internationally agreed upon 2 degree goal”2

  • An inadequate renewable energy target of 23% by 2020 and no targets for post 2020
  • The Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF) is itself under funded, and without additional resources is unlikely to meet even the Coalition’s own low emissions targets3

The current government is falling behind when it comes to internationally agreed upon climate policies and targets.  A $1.3 billion reduction in funding4 for renewable energy is not a step in the right direction.                                                                                                      

It is imperative that Australia reduce its carbon emissions and switch to renewable sources of energy.  This requires bipartisanship and we are calling on all parties to put in place goals and policies which will secure a safe and clean future for Australia.  

For a more detailed breakdown, go to:

2  “Australia’s 2030 Emissions target: preliminary analysis and international comparisons”, Prof Frank Jotzo,August 2015.