Stand with Traditional Owners – download your poster pack now!

Traditional Owners uniting across the NT have been leading the fight to protect country from fracking for over a decade.

And together with allies, they're bringing the fight from the bush to the city streets – with a massive media coverage and a postering blitz that will make this campaign visible across Australia.

But it's going to take all of us. Stand with Traditional Owners and show mass public support by flooding our suburbs with posters before a key vote in the Senate just weeks away.

Click here to print your own posters and flood our suburbs!

What's been happening?

  • Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Minister for Energy Angus Taylor are still trying to  hand over millions of dollars of public money to multinational gas corporations.
  • Their most recently tabled regulation will allow them to hand over up to $50 million to gas giants to frack in the Beetaloo and MacArthur Basins in the Northern Territory.
  • Traditional Owners uniting across the NT have been leading the fight to protect their country from fracking for over a decade. And after a powerful lobbying trip to Parliament, they won a Senate inquiry into Morrison's disastrous $50m cash splash for gas.
  • Just recently, Traditional Owners fronted the inquiry, and made one thing very clear –  they do not want fracking on their land. Not now. Not ever.
  • Now, there is a key Senate vote on 25 August 2021 to disallow Morrison's new regulation to pump money into fracking.

What do I do with my posters?

  • GetUp! has created this helpful postering guide with tips for you
  • We need all MPs and Senators - particularly Senators - to see posters near their office and in the community.
  • If you don't have a printer at home, try your local library, Officeworks or similar
  • You can find a list of Senators offices here 
  • Make sure you have permission from the owner or occupier when putting up posters on private property and that you follow any relevant council rules and regulations for public property.
  • Take a photo of your poster once it's hung up and share on social media with the hashtag #DontFrackTheNT
  • Share this page with 3 friends so they can put posters up too!

What if I can't go out because of lockdown?

  • If you're in lockdown or can't go out for some other reason, you can put the poster up in a visible place on your own home, like your windows or fence!
  • You can also take a photo of yourself holding the sign and share on social media with the hashtag #DontFrackTheNT

Click here to download and print posters now

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