I want to share with you the incredible work of a group of young people in Townsville - who have kickstarted a local AYCC chapter and are out there building community support for climate action.

Young people in Townsville are at the coalface of the climate change debate and the impacts of climate damage. They have experienced firsthand how extreme weather affects the people and places close to them - and they’re demanding social and political change for a safe climate future.

Not only is this work important and empowering for young people in the region - it’s incredibly strategic. We’ve seen time and again how fossil fuel companies and politicians in Northern Queensland roll out divisive “jobs vs the environment” rhetoric to hold us back from a just transition to 100% clean energy.

A network of staunch, committed young people who have grown up in North Queensland - and have a different vision for their future - is the perfect remedy to this toxic rhetoric.

Can you donate to give our Townsville volunteer group the support to grow? We want to give them media training to tell their stories and doorknocking kits to spread the word - but we need your help.

Just months after starting the group, the Townsville legends have grown to a network of close to 50 volunteers, trained more than 30 young people at the recent North Queensland Climate Justice Bootcamp, and met with key politicians in the campaign to stop Adani’s coal mine.

Pictured above are volunteer champions Sandi and Oliver, who met with key Labor leaders Mark Butler and Cathy O’Toole this week. Their courage and conversations mean support is building within Parliament for a renewable energy revolution in Townsville. We’ve got an ambitious plan to take it to the next level - but we need a bit of help.

Picture this: hundreds of young leaders across North Queensland who are trained up, calling out inaction on climate change, and leading thousands of meaningful conversations about the clean energy future Townsville deserves. This vision is already underway - please donate to help bring it to life.

We’re not only growing our network of incredible young people in Townsville - but in a range of places that young people are feeling the impacts of climate change and fossil fuel extraction, like Victoria’s Latrobe Valley, and communities in Western Sydney.

I’m so excited about the movement we’re building together - ready to take on the fossil fuel industry and win a safe future for everyone, everywhere.

Thanks for being part of it,

Nick for the AYCC Queensland team

P.S. Under 30 and want to lead the change in your own community? Sign up to volunteer and somebody will be in touch to help you get started!