Tell Labor to show some love for clean energy

Renewable energy. We all love it.

But right now, the government agency that makes our renewable energy dreams come true, is facing the chopping block by a government that

Labor has a choice to make. Sit on it’s hands while the government does nothing to cut pollution and watch billions of dollars in renewable energy investment go offshore, or side with the majority of Australians who don’t want to see our renewable energy agency cut. 

We need to show Labor that it’s better to be on the side of renewable energy, than on the government and big polluters’. Calling the offices of Bill Shorten and Chris Bowen today could be the tip that Labor need to block the cuts and kickstart the renewable energy revolution.

Here are some talking points to guide you through the call

  • Hi, my name is _____ I’m from ______, how are you today?
  • I wanted to leave a message with ____ about renewable energy because I know that Labor is deciding whether to block the cuts to the renewable energy agency soon.
  • I love renewable energy, it’s clean, creates new jobs and is our best bet for reducing pollution to solve the climate crisis [tell them why you think renewable energy is so great]
  • I know Labor was very passionate about the jobs cuts at CSIRO during the election. The proposed cuts to ARENA would see an extra 120 CSIRO jobs cut - where does the Labor party sit on this?
  • I have also been excited about the prospect of building solar thermal in Port Augusta, and the bi-partisan support that it got through the election. I want to see exciting big solar with storage in Port Augusta happen as a matter of urgency, and I worry cuts to ARENA make that vision disappear. 
  • And lastly, not only is renewable energy the smart way forward, it’s vital for solving climate change. And faced with a government with completely useless climate policy for the next 3 years, we can’t afford to cut the last beacon of hope for the upgrade to renewable energy.
  • Will Labor stand up for renewable energy against the government’s dangerous cuts?

Call Bill Shorten on (02) 6277 4022

Or call Chris Bowen on (02) 6277 4822

Then let us know how it goes here:

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