In Australia, we’re facing an angry summer of extreme weather. Sign up to be alerted of moments to lend a hand to communities on the frontline of the climate crisis this summer, and hold fossil fuel companies accountable to the damage they cause.

Summer has always been a time to look forward to - days at the beach, running under the sprinkler, ice-creams with friends. But as the climate gets hotter, extreme heat and unseasonal natural disasters are affecting people’s lives in very personal ways.

People in Australia have always been willing to help out a neighbour in need or lend a hand to a mate, unlike the fossil fuel industry that continues to burn our climate when all the alarm bells are ringing. That’s why we’re bringing together a rapid response community who can help out when times get tough in any way they can.

In the face of the climate crisis, we can create a better, more caring community, find out how below.