As capital cities swelter through record-breaking heatwaves, young Australians have expressed outrage over Scott Morrison’s continued inaction on climate change when the impacts are being felt right in front of him.

“The Bureau of Meteorology just declared 2018 to be Australia’s third hottest year on record - and unprecedented temperatures are sweeping the globe. Yet in the face of this climate chaos, Scott Morrison’s Government is throwing fuel on the fire by supporting new coal projects like Adani and failing to adopt any real climate policy,” Gemma Borgo-Caratti, National Director of the Australian Youth Climate Coalition said.

“Millions of Australians have been asking politely for years for politicians to do their jobs and protect our future from climate damage. But even when the Government knows climate policy will decide votes, they are still refusing to listen. 

“That’s because coal companies are using big money to silence everyday voices and hold us back from climate action. Even as communities pick up the pieces after a bushfire or sweat through another 45 degree day, fossil fuel companies are profiting from making this problem worse

It is sickening that fossil fuel companies are allowed to donate millions to our politicians and get away with a dangerous business model that risks the lives of current and future generations. Companies with such a clear vested interest should be banned from donations that influence our politics,” Gemma said. 

Nationally, thousands of young people are fired up to lead rallies, stunts, doorknocks, voter enrolment drives and community events to ensure people power trumps political donations and that the next Federal election is decided on climate policy.

“In December, over 15,000 students went on strike from school to fight for their future and call out political inaction on climate change, catapulting this issue into global headlines. And our generation will not back down until our politicians put our future ahead of fossil fuel profits,” Gemma Borgo-Caratti said. 

“Thousands of AYCC volunteers will be out in force in the months ahead to ensure climate justice and stopping the Adani coal mine are front and centre on the political agenda. In the lead-up to a Federal election, we will be everywhere: having conversations with voters and causing political pain for any candidate who is not committed to the scale of action this climate crisis demands,” Gemma concluded.

Gemma is available for interview. For interview and media enquiries please contact Alex on 0437 316 331.