Call Your Politician & Demand Climate Action

With heatwaves and bushfires across the country, we don't have time for climate denial or inaction.

People across Australia and the world are suffering because some politicians would rather side with wealthy coal companies than protect our future.

Below are the phone numbers of some MPs and Senators in each state who are holding back climate action. Give them a call, tell them how rising temperatures are already affecting your region, and ask what they're going to do about it!

New South Wales:

Energy Minister Angus Taylor - (02) 4658 7188

Scott Morrison - (02) 9523 0339


Senator James Paterson - (03) 9690 2201

South Australia:

Senator David Fawcett - (08) 8205 1040


Eric Abetz - (03) 6224 3707

Western Australia:

Environment Minister Melissa Price - (08) 9964 2195


Senator James McGrath - (07) 5441 1800

Senator Matt Canavan - (07) 4927 2003


Zed Seselja - (02) 6247 6444

Here are some talking points for you to use on the phone:

If this is your first time calling, you're going to be great, take a deep breath and just pick up the phone! You'll probably speak to a helpful staffer.

  • Hi there, my name is XXX and I'm from XXX
  • I'm calling because I'm worried about the impacts of extreme heat that are sweeping the state right now. 
  • Tell them how you feel!
  • From record heatwaves to terrifying bushfires, Australians are living with the impacts of a warming climate.
  • I was calling to ask what [MP's name] is going to do about the climate crisis that will see extreme temperatures worsen into the future? (Listen and engage)
  • Leading global scientists tell us that we must phase out fossil fuels immediately to have a liveable climate. I don't want future generations to have to deal with unmanageable weather extremes because politicians failed to act.
  • Thank you for your time and I hope you'll pass on my message about the urgent need for climate action.


If you want backup, here are some recent reports and articles linking this hectic weather to climate change:

Of course, you don't have to be an expert to share your concerns with your MP. The impacts of climate change on summer temperatures are well established and anyone in a position of decision-making power should have done this research for themselves!!


Call your representatives and demand they take climate change seriously.

Will you call?

Help us reach our goal of 16 calleds