Today, I’m mad and it’s time to step up,

Breaking news right now, reveals that Adani have secured financial close for the dangerous Carmichael coal mine - and they’re trying to start construction before Christmas. We need a political commitment RIGHT NOW if we are to stop this dangerous project from going ahead.

Can you call key targets in Government and Labor in your area right now and demand they commit to stopping Adani before it’s too late?

Adani’s mine is the most unpopular mining project in Australian history. Overwhelming public consensus, scientific evidence and Adani’s toxic track record make it crystal clear: this mine must not go ahead. And we won’t let it.

To Scott Morrison and far-right members of the Liberal Party who are taking coal lobby money and sacrificing our future we say: if you won’t lead on climate change, get out of the way. And to members of the Labor Party who are sitting on the fence, it’s time to wake up or we’ll see you at the ballot box next election.

This is not a drill. Our future depends on politicians taking action now and committing to stop Adani. Can you call key targets today and demonstrate the strength of community pressure to stop this mine?

Having the money to push ahead does not give this company a social or moral licence to operate. Adani has no consent from Traditional Owners - and it’s disgusting that they could start construction while literally under investigation for breaking Australian law and whilst large parts of Queensland are on fire, at the start of yet another ‘angry summer’.

Our politicians need to act in the best interests of the community, rather than putting the taking millions of dollars from coal companies like Adani who are trying to buy our decision-makers.

Over two million members of the Australian community are actively fighting against the mine, and we will not back down until our leaders get out of bed with the coal lobby and stop this toxic project.

This is not over. Adani still don’t have all their licenses or a valid agreement with Traditional Owners, but we only have a small window to stop them. Together, we have to chase each opportunity to disrupt Adani’s mine at every turn - and I’ll be in touch with more ways you can take action this week.

The fight to stop Adani is the fight of our times. And I truly believe that, together if we throw everything at this moment, we can stop Adani and win.

Fired up and ready to fight,

Gemma for the whole AYCC and #StopAdani team