Call Julie Collins to #StopAdani!

Call Julie Collins now and demand the Labor Party commit to stopping Adani’s dangerous coal mine.

(03) 6244 1222

Here’s some talking points to help you on the phone…

    • Hi my name’s xxx and I’m from xxx
  • I’m calling in response to breaking news that Adani have secured the finance to proceed with their dangerous and unpopular Carmichael coal mine
  • Explain why you’re passionate about stopping Adani and taking climate action
    • Adani’s mine should not go ahead (here’s just some of the reasons why…)
      • They’re currently under investigation after already breaking our laws!
      • The Reef provides 70,000 jobs- if the Reef dies it will have a serious impact on all the people whose livelihoods depend on the Reef. It’s a $67 billion asset and we shouldn’t jeopardise it.
      • 270 billion litres would be drained by Adani at a time when Queensland is experiencing crippling drought.
      • Adani is a nightmare for the climate- it’ll lock in more bushfires, droughts, cyclones, extreme heat and changing weather.
  • To be clear, my vote will be determined by your response to Adani.
    • Labor’s first priority, if elected into government, needs to be revoking the Adani mine.
    • It’s not impossible, a Labor Environment Minister could review and revoke Adani’s licence under section 145 the EPBC Act.
  • Labor needs to publicly commit right now to stopping Adani.
  • I want to see my MP (insert their name) speak out publicly against the mine and say they don’t want to it go ahead because it’s not in the national interest.
  • I also want them to speak up inside the party and tell Bill Shorten to commit to stopping Adani if elected.
  • Can you please confirm how you will ensure my message is passed on to Julie Collins?

Want to do more? Call PM Scott Morrison as well and leave the same message! (02) 6277 7700.

Let us know how you go!

Will you call?