Labor: It's Time to Stop Adani


Australia is one of the sunniest, windiest countries on Earth. We have the technology and public support to power Australia with 100% renewable energy. A swift transition away from fossil fuels is critical for avoiding catastrophic climate change but also has the benefit of providing thousands of jobs.

Climate change is not a time for business-as-usual. While Labor’s new energy policy invests in renewables, it fails to rule out new fossil fuel projects and therefore is not adequate for preventing dangerous levels of fossil-fuel induced global warming.

Labor State Governments are leading the way to the solar boom. Now, it’s time for Federal Labor to step up and commit to moving away from fossil fuels to deliver the complete renewables future!

  •    South Australian Labor installed the world’s biggest solar and battery farm delivering renewable energy to thousands of homes and leading the way!
  •    Victorian Labor is rolling out a huge solar transition with a projected 650,000 homes to have solar panels installed along with the tram network being powered by solar. This will will create almost 5,500 jobs.
  •    Queensland Labor has 20 solar farms that are either recently completed or currently underway with several more projects in the pipeline creating almost 34,000 construction jobs and over 1500 ongoing jobs.


Australians believe in climate change and want a strong energy renewable policy away from fossil fuels:

  •      70% think the government should plan the orderly closure of coal plants and replace coal with clean energy
  •      In the recent Wentworth by-election, climate change was identified as the number one voting issue and a safe Liberal seat flipped to being independent. [2]


Adani recently announced they have reached financial close and are now threatening to build the biggest coal mine in the southern hemisphere before Christmas so Labor needs to commit to stopping Adani NOW!

Adani is a roadblock to the inevitable renewable future, and the majority of Australians have been clear that they don’t want Adani’s mine to go ahead. To avoid catastrophic climate change, the era of fossil fuels needs to end now. If future generations are to have a fighting chance at a safe climate future, Adani must be stopped!

Adani will drain our water

  •      Queensland and NSW are experiencing severe droughts and Adani will drain up to 270 billion litres of water![3]
  •      This would threaten farmers’ livelihoods and causing permanent damage to vital water resources.

Adani loses votes

  •   In January 2018, 65% were opposed to Adani’s coal mine, up 13% in 10 months.[4]
  •   In Central Queensland, two in three voters want Adani’s water licences cancelled and support Adani’s environmental approvals being reviewed. [5]

Adani will hurt regional jobs in Queensland.

  •      Adani’s own economic witness testified in court that the mine and rail project would create only 1464 jobs, direct and indirect, over the life of the mine. [6]
  •      Adani’s Australian CEO said, “Everything will be autonomous from mine to port”.
  •      For comparison, there are 70,000 regional Queensland jobs dependent upon a healthy Great Barrier Reef which will be jeopardized by proceeding with the Adani mine.

Coal is harming our communities

  •      A recent study found air pollution from NSW's five coal-fired power stations carries serious health consequences to our communities, leading to an estimated 279 deaths a year[7]
  •      3429 more people will die before the mine’s are expected to close. This includes: 233 low-birth weight babies and 369 people developing Type 2 diabetes annually.

Adani have already broken our laws

  •    Adani are under investigation, pending possible prosecution after being caught illegally working on the mine site, without consent from Traditional Owners and in breach of their environmental conditions. [8]

Adani will destroy our climate

  •      The recent IPCC report detailed that we have just 12 years to avoid locking in catastrophic climate change. [9]
  •      Australians are already experiencing the impacts of climate change: This winter, people fought serious bushfires and QLD and NSW are experiencing crippling drought. Every year is the hottest on record.

Adani will demolish the Reef

  •      50% of the Great Barrier Reef’s coral has died in two years from unprecedented back-to-back bleaching caused by extreme temperatures due to global warming. Burning Adani’s coal will increase global temperatures and destroy the Reef’s remaining coral - jeopardising 70,000 jobs!

Adani will violate Indigenous land rights

  •      The Wangan and Jagalingou Traditional Owners are seriously opposed to Adani’s mine on their ancestral lands, waters and sights, and are challenging the project in the Federal Court. [10]

Approval of Adani’s mine would open up the Galilee Basin to other coal mines

  •      The China Stone Coal Mine is also in the Galilee Basin and is dependent upon Adani’s mine for rail and water infrastructure. If Adani commences, it will enable other mines- exacerbating climate impacts, water shortages and damage to the Reef.


A real climate policy means no new fossil fuels. Stopping Adani is the first step to our clean, renewable future! Even though Adani already has finance, Labor can still stop them. This is how:

The Environment Minister can review and revoke Adani’s approval if there is new information showing significant impacts on the environment that was not considered in the original assessment under section 145(1)(b)-(2) Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999. The original assessment did not consider the impacts of the mine to coral bleaching on the Reef, Black-Throated Finch and Doongmabulla Springs. The potential for a legal challenge by Adani to succeed is extremely limited.

Independent legal advice shows that revoking Adani’s license would not create a ‘sovereign risk’ as it is an application of existing law and policy to new factual circumstances, or entitle Adani to the right of compensation under the Constitution.

Adani also have not secured a critical Groundwater Dependent Ecosystem Management Plan (GDEMP), which must demonstrate their activities will not impact the source aquifer of the nationally important Doongmabulla Springs Complex. A Federal Bioregional Springs Assessment report determined seismic surveys must be conducted to conclusively identify the Springs’ source, so a Federal Labor and a Queensland Labor government should require Adani to conduct seismic surveys and have its results scrutinised by independent experts and made available for public review, prior to further construction and approval of their GDEMP.

Labor needs to commit to stopping Adani before the Federal election to protect the Reef, Indigenous rights, Queensland’s water and the future of young Australians from the impacts of climate change.


  1. Talk with your Labor MP and Senator so they can become champions for a safe climate future.
  2. Write to Labor’s key decision-makers (Bill Shorten, Tanya Plibersek and Penny Wong), outlining your status within the party, why you’re concerned about climate change- specifically, the Adani Carmichael Mine and urge them to publicly commit to stopping the mine.
  3. Come along to a Stop Adani meeting and work with us to bring in a Labor government that takes a stand for our future - one that rejects a harmful coal mine.



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Authorised by G. Borgo-Caratti, AYCC Carlton 3053.