Help stop Adani - call your MP today

Adani are scared, they’re pushing harder than ever to make their dangerous mine happen.

Next week the Queensland Parliament will vote on new laws that will see water and farmers protected from mining companies using up all of Queensland’s precious water. But we’re worried that Adani will be exempt from these laws and Adani’s ‘critical’ status means it could be used to hand them 12.5 billion litres of groundwater every year, for free!

We need to put critical pressure on key Labor MPs and Ministers in Brisbane just before the vote, so they know that Adani isn’t above the law, and Queensland’s water is too important to lose.

Here are some of the things you might want to include in your chat:
  • Hi my name is (insert name) and I'd like to leave a message for (insert MP name), I'm from (insert your suburb)
  • I don't support the Adani Carmichael mine project and it's associated infrastructure going ahead. I don't believe it is critical to QLD's future. I think that it's critical for the Reef and our climate that the project doesn't go ahead.
  • When the new water laws are passed, Adani must not be excluded and they must go through the proper process of applying for a water licence 
  • Queensland is particularly vulnerable to drought and we know that climate change is making it so much worse. We can’t be wasting 50,000 megalitres of groundwater every year on a mine that will fuel more dangerous global warming.
  • The critical infrastructure for Queensland in the 21st century is renewable energy. I want more investment in renewable energy to meet the Queensland Government's 50% target and employ Queenslanders in clean and safe jobs into the future.
  • Renewables create between three to six times more jobs for the same amount of energy produced than fossil fuels or nuclear1 
  • The industries that rely on the Great Barrier Reef employ over 60,000 people2
  • The Government keeps using figures that the courts have said is just Adani's lies. The jobs for Queensland would only total 1,464 at most, not the tens of thousands that the Government and Adani claim3
  • Investing in our future and protecting the Reef is the only responsible choice.
  • Queensland's own Ministers have said that this project must 'stand on it's own two feet' and banks here in Australia and around the world have said the project is 'unbankable', so it doesn't stack up4
  • Will you commit to ensuring Adani isn't given special treatment and make sure the same water laws apply to Adani, as to everyone else?

Ready to get calling? Here are their digits:

  • Brisbane Member Grace Grace: (07) 3145 9100
  • Ferny Grove member Mark Furner: (07) 3535 7100
  • Premier Palaszczuk: (07) 3719 7000
  • Minister for Natural Resources and Mines Anthony Lynham: (07) 3719 7360


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