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  • published AYCC Stop Gas, Stop Origin Energy 2020-05-25 15:50:46 +1000

    AYCC Stop Gas, Stop Origin Energy

    We're in unprecedented times.

    Gas is everywhere, but the only way to keep our climate and communities safe from dangerous mining is to keep it in the ground.

    Join AYCC and Seed to ensure corporations like Origin Energy get the message - that young people want gas kept in the ground.


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  • published You're registered! Great work! 2020-03-25 17:52:30 +1100

    You're registered! Great work!

    Great work for registering, will you share this to some mates to make an even bigger difference?

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  • published Pledge to Fight for the Bight 2020-02-24 15:05:38 +1100

    Pledge to Fight for the Bight

    We need everyone - young people and adults - working together to Fight for the Bight.

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    Labor MP Irene Pnevmatikos has introduced our campaign to stop oil drilling in the Bight to the floor of the SA Parliament –  highlighting the disastrous impacts it would have on our climate and our futures.

    This is the first step in convincing other fence-sitting MPs that South Australians value our climate over corporate oil drilling. And it comes after months of fearless campaigning by our grassroots movement in SA. 

    Our politicians have the power to stop climate-wrecking oil drilling, but we need to ensure they’re feeling the pressure! But we need all South Australians on board.

    Will you pledge to do your bit to Fight for the Bight?

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  • Take action now: Bushfire Convo Guide

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    Many of us are feeling anxious about the state of the climate right now. 

    We know the bushfires and smoke we’re experiencing are not normal – but the effects of a climate in crisis from the continuous burning of fossil fuels. 

    And we’re not alone. People right across the country are feeling the same anxiety. They’re asking themselves, perhaps for the first time, ‘what can I do?'.

    That’s why the most impactful thing we can do right now is have conversations with loved ones and our community – helping people make the connection between their experiences and climate change.   

    The more people connect these things, the more power we have to demand action. 

    We’ve got your back with this guide to organising your loved ones and helping them take action


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    Become a Champion of Change with AYCC

    Where the Money Goes

    We are a grassroots network that is grassroots funded. We are powerful because of the support of thousands of Australians - young and old - who believe in a vision for a better, fairer world powered by 100% renewable energy. Your contribution will support young people to be leaders in the climate movement, to run strategic campaigns to keep fossil fuels in the ground, and empower young people to realise they can make a difference. By making a recurring donation, you're creating stable funding so that young Australians can react at a moment's notice to protect our future from climate change.


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