Jenni Thurmer

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    Government might see their responsibility to provides jobs as politically vital to their reelection, but this is narrow minded thinking. If we do not provide clean air, fresh water, supplies of fresh food via healthy ecological habitats, in the years to come people won’t need jobs they will be fighting to survive. Destroying natural habitats like the Great Barrier Reef will cause a net loss of jobs. Two thirds of Australians understand this why does the government choose to ignore the facts and the people who elected them. If it is about selfish greed then you are not fit to govern.

    Send a message to the QLD Government

    Thank you for signing the petition! Next step, tell the QLD Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk why you joined the campaign.

    Together, let’s send a clear message to our coal-obsessed Government: when they give unlimited water to a billionaire coal miner, people across the country will fight back.

    Write your message to the QLD Government now. Just a few sentences is perfect, and here are couple points to help you get started:

    • While 85% of Queensland suffers through crippling drought, the Queensland government is handing a billionaire coal miner unlimited water

    • This water license would drain unlimited amounts of precious QLD water from the Great Artesian Basin

    • The Adani coal mine will wreck our Reef and our climate, something that Australians will not accept


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    Westpac, don't bank on coal

    $1,528.00 raised
    GOAL: $5,000.00

    How do we #StopAdani's dangerous coal mine from destroying our shot at a safe climate future? We stop banks from funding it. 

    Young people across the country have a cunning plan to pressure Westpac to do the right thing and turn their back on Adani. 

    We know the Westpac board hate it when we talk to their staff, customers and use their brand against them. So that’s exactly what we’re going to do.

    Across the country, young people are gearing up to adopt their local Westpac branch, having conversations with staff, putting up stickers and posters around their community and holding weekly actions to send a powerful message to the board - dump Adani, and don't bank on coal. 

    If you donate $40, we'll post you a photo of young people from your state taking on Westpac in style, so you can see exactly what your donation made possible.