AYCC Launceston GHD Campaign Session

Mining and burning coal is Australia’s biggest contribution to climate change right now. The Adani coal mine would trash our climate, threaten Queensland’s water and ruin the Great Barrier Reef. And while Adani are acting like the project is a sure thing, we’re pretty sure they don’t have anyone locked in to build it for them!

Rumor has it that GHD is a contender for contracts to build Adani’s mega coal mine and rail line. They’re an engineering and construction company who prides themselves on sustainability - so right now they need to hear loud and clear that they can’t trust Adani.

GHD has a choice to make. They can either build Adani’s coal mine & rail OR help build a future we can be proud of. Join us in Launceston for a GHD strategy campaign session!

September 30, 2019 at 5pm - 6pm
The Wilderness Society, 174 Charles Street, Launceston, 7250
Katherine Whitmore ·

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