Zoe Gardner

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    Hi Annastacia Palaszczuk,

    As a young adult I am concerned that the Adani Coal mine is going to damage our environment and our Reef. These are two things that are close to our hearts as Australians and as Citizens of the world.

    I would also like to voice that giving an unlimited water licence to a coal miner is pretty hypocritical, considering that 85% of Queensland is in drought. Also this water licence is going to mean the Coal miners will be draining directly from our Great Artisan Basin, which is an important resource and supply which should only be used emergencies.

    I would like to urge you to please reconsider and to think of the future when you make your choices today.

    Thanks, Zoe Gardner

    Send a message to the QLD Government

    Thank you for signing the petition! Next step, tell the QLD Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk why you joined the campaign.

    Together, let’s send a clear message to our coal-obsessed Government: when they give unlimited water to a billionaire coal miner, people across the country will fight back.

    Write your message to the QLD Government now. Just a few sentences is perfect, and here are couple points to help you get started:

    • While 85% of Queensland suffers through crippling drought, the Queensland government is handing a billionaire coal miner unlimited water

    • This water license would drain unlimited amounts of precious QLD water from the Great Artesian Basin

    • The Adani coal mine will wreck our Reef and our climate, something that Australians will not accept


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    Stop Turnbull from giving a billion dollars to a billionaire

    In a huge win for the Stop Adani movement, Australia’s second largest bank ruled out Adani’s coal mine and all new thermal coal mine!

    But it’s not over yet. Prime Minister Turnbull has set aside $1 billion of your money to prop up the Adani coal mine.  We have five days until the budget, where our Prime Minister will announce enormous cuts to universities, public schools and social services - while still giving $1 billion to a coal mining billionaire.

    The only way we can stop this $1 billion for a billionaire is if we stand together -- that means the Government needs to hear your voice. Together we can build this, and that's why we're asking you today to help build a loud and powerful national campaign.

    Will you chip in $8 to stop our coal-obsessed Government giving the Adani coal mine its final taxpayer-funded lifeline?