What's On?

There's more to Power Shift than just some of the world's leading experts. The three day summit consists of many elements - actions, a political Q&A, workshops, panels, masterclasses, strategy sessions and more.

The Summit

We've often heard the best thing about a Power Shift is the people you get to meet. Just imagine being in a room with 2,000 others who care about climate change just as much as you.

Without even looking at the content of the summit, it’s pretty clear that this will be an amazing experience.

And then we add the following elements - and the summit becomes irresistible.

Flashmobs are so 2009. This year our action will be bigger and better than ever before.

Power Shift will include a huge media stunt. With 2,000 of us all together, this is a great opportunity to put climate action on the public agenda just before the election. It's also your best chance to become a YouTube celeb, or get on the front page of the paper.

More details coming soon!

Political Q&A: The Election

Power Shift is eight weeks out from the Federal Election. This is your best chance to ask the pointy questions to some of Australia’s most important decision makers.

We’re talking to all three major parties, in order to lock in MPs for the Q&A.  We’ll keep you in the loop, but for now we can say that some big names are interested! Start thinking of those questions.

Shoe throwing not allowed.

Workshops + Panels + Masterclasses

If you’re coming to Power Shift to become more equipped to take action on climate change, you’re going to love these sessions. We’ll be breaking out into smaller group sessions throughout the summit, with dozens of options for everyone to attend.

We’ll include workshops (small group skill sessions), interactive panels (where you can voice your questions) and 200 person masterclasses with some of the world’s leading campaigners - covering hundreds of topics.

Strategic Election Planning

You’ll get the chance to meet with others from your local area, university or school. This will be an opportunity for you to plan how, as a group, you can take action on climate change. As Power Shift is 8 weeks out from the election, that’ll probably be the hot topic.

Previous Power Shifts have inspired the beginings of 100+ climate action groups, who together have created significant change. If solving the climate crisis is what you’re most excited about, then look forward to this session.