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We call bullsh*t on Australia's climate hypocrisy

We call bullsh*t on Australia's climate hypocrisy

As world leaders meet in Paris, it has become apparent that Australia is being a climate hypocrite. 

They are saying they support the goal of limiting warming below 1.5 degrees and want to innovate our way to a clean energy economy. But they have blocked the rights of Indigenous peoples being included in the text. They have kept all their dangerous policies - expanding coal mines, weak targets, and low contributions to developing nations - and blocked moves to phase out billions of dollars of fossil fuel subsidies. It just doesn’t add up.

Julie Bishop is in Paris right now representing Australia, and trying to sugarcoat Australia's dangerous climate policies. That's why we're asking people to call Bishop's office today and demand Australia walk the talk:

08 9388 0288

Here's a guide to help you through the conversation with Bishop's office:

  • Hi there, I want to send a message through to Minister Bishop about the Paris Climate Summit happening right now.
  • Climate change is a really important issue for me because....
  • I was pleased to hear that Australia backed a global limit to warming of 1.5 degrees in final Paris text, but can you explain why the government refuses to move on targets that will lock in 4 degrees of warming?
  • When I heard that Minister Bishop said “coal will remain critical to promoting prosperity, growing economies and alleviating hunger for years to come” I was pretty shocked - this is the same old tired rhetoric of the Abbott Government that completely misunderstands the energy needs of the Global South.
  • I'm excited you're talking about innovation in clean energy but why are you still approving new coal mines and blocking moves to phase out fossil fuel subsidies?

You can also TWEET @JulieBishopMP with your message. Don't forget to include ample emojis!! 

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How did your call to Bishop's office go?