The Australian Youth Climate Coalition

Western Australia

Western Australia

Western Australia

Well hi there!

My name's Dean, I'm the State Coordinator of the Australian Youth Climate Coalition in WA.

We work with a range of community groups in WA to make sure we truly build a generation-wide movement to solve the climate crisis. We have group at the University of Western Australia as well as several local groups.

As young people we are the ones who stand to be the most affected by climate change, but we think by becoming involved in groups like the AYCC young people are also in the best position to take action. Our volunteers are a diverse and passionate bunch of young people who are already doing incredible work on climate change.

We hold regular social and fundraising events so there will be plenty of chances for you to meet everyone in the branch. We also run regular trainings so you can develop your skills and knowledge in areas like communicating climate change, campaigning and project management.

We love to hear from new volunteers who want to get involved, if you want to find out more send us an email at and check us out on Facebook.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Dean and the whole AYCC WA Team


State Coordinator - Dean Leggo
Schools Coordinator - Kirsty Lightfoot

If you're an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander young person who'd like to volunteer with the Seed Indigenous Youth Climate Network,
click here.



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