Volunteer to #StopAdani

We can't #StopAdani without you. Join the fight against Indian mining giant Adani as we roll out a winning plan to stop his dangerous coal mine for good.

AYCC is all about giving young people the opportunity to change the world. Sign up to be part of the movement to Stop Adani, and protect our future from dangerous climate change. 

Shift the politics

Stop Turnbull and the Northern Australia Infrastructure Fund (NAIF) from wasting 1 billion taxpayer dollars on this dumb project. We have just weeks to stop this last lifeline of cash to Adani's mine. We've got to show every MP that the Turnbull government can't get away with giving a billion dollars to a billionaire. 

Host your own action our front on your local MP's office, here's a handy guide to help you out.

And here is the full down low if you need more deets.

You can spread the word by putting up this poster in your community!

Take a selfie with this poster today to show Turnbull how you would rather spend $1billlion. 

Build a movement

We can't stop Adani alone, we need a powerful, huge movement of people committed to ending coal and leaving the coal in the ground. So get your friends involved, spread the news and let's make our people powered movement impossible to ignore. 

Once you've signed up now, someone from your state will be in touch to have a chat about how you want to get involved.

Sign up to volunteer on the campaign. We need you!