The Australian Youth Climate Coalition

Share your story with our Senators

Share your story with our Senators

Tomorrow at 10am a new Australian Senate will be sworn in. And the Government’s first item of business? The repeal of our most important climate policies, including the carbon price.

We've got a plan to make sure every new Senator has to listen to us before they vote on our most important climate and renewable energy laws. But this will only work if we have thousands upon thousands of stories from young people in every state and territory. 

Join us - share your message on Twitter by 4pm today, and we’ll add your story to our action at Parliament House tomorrow. Remember to include #auspol

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Here are a few example tweets to get you started:

  • I don't want Australia to be on the wrong side of history, the side that chose fossil fuels over a brighter future #yourchoiceourfuture 
  • I want strong climate laws because I want a brighter future to look forward to - powered by the wind and the sun #yourchoiceourfuture
  • I want to be able to say that we did everything we could to avoid the worst climate impacts #yourchoiceourfuture