No more dirty coal

With our Reef on the brink of irreversible damage, the Turnbull government are still backing their mates in the coal industry.

Energy minister Josh Frydenberg and Malcolm Turnbull have wrapped their arms around coal this week, saying they support any new coal-fired power stations. 

Their National Energy policy backs coal, puts renewable energy on the chopping block, and will cook our climate and our reef.

It could mean that no new renewable energy projects will be built in Australia for a decade! This could have devastating affects on an already fragile Great Barrier Reef.

Our government has delivered an energy circus for over a decade. And now everyday Australians and our climate are paying the price.

We deserve better. We know that clean energy and battery storage is the way of the future. It’s affordable, reliable and protects our climate.

Sign the petition today to tell Malcolm Turnbull that we want to move from dirty coal to clean renewables.

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