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Sydney and Brisbane are hot, but wait until you see the weather forecast for Bourke and Birdsville

People in remote communities basically just stay inside all day through a heatwave, hopefully they can afford to keep the air con on. Here's an article from on how city folks don't even know the start

Kelly Mackenzie
January 13, 2017


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66 thoughts you have on a bloody scorching hot Summer day

1. *wakes up in a pool of sweat tangled in sheets*...

Kelly Mackenzie
December 22, 2016

Our community is more than the coal it’s built on top of

Morwell isn’t just a dirty coal town, there’s a lot more to us than that. I have lived all sixteen years of my life in Morwell. I love the community I am from and it’s a place I want to continue living in.

Ella Darling
November 28, 2016


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