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Stories from the 2016 Election Trail

Stories from the 2016 Election Trail

We’ve just run a massive youth enrollment campaign, and according to the Australian Electoral Commission, a record breaking 200,000 new young people have enrolled this year! These young people can now vote on issues that matter to them, like climate change.

Now we are focusing on “climate blockers” - decision makers standing in the way of climate action - speaking to people in key electorates and holding creative forums, rallies and actions to cut through in the media.

On election day we know that 1 in 8 people's vote is undecided, so on the big day AYCC volunteers will be all over the country outside polling stations talking to people about how their vote matters to protect our future from global warming, and letting community members know where politicians stand on climate change.

If you want to join a local action to call on your community to vote for better climate policies, check out our events page to find an action near you: