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Empowering students through climate justice.

Repowering Brighton Secondary College

“Repowering my school made me the person I am, and has been one of the most satisfying journeys of my life”

As a year 11 student Matthew lead a campaign to repower his school with solar panels.  

Read about his journey here!

Student encourages hundreds of his peers to enrol to vote

A Launceston high school student has caused a media storm, encouraging hundreds of fellow students to enrol to vote so they can have their say at the upcoming federal election.

Check out Monte’s story and listen to his interview here

St Aloysius College develop a plan to repower their school

Students from St Aloysius College attended the recent Adelaide Switched on Schools summit and created a plan to repower their school through reducing plastic waste.

Read more about it here

Western Sydney Switched on Schools summit

Over 100 students came together for the Switched on Schools Western Sydney summit on the 7 and 8th of June.  Students heard from inspiring speakers, developed a range of change making skills and held a Repower our Schools youth parliament.

Read more here.

There is still time to register for term 3 Switched on School summits - click here for more information.  

Resources to Repower your School

Check out these guides, for each state, that link you to resources and experts that are waiting to help you and your students switch your school to sustainability! 

Step-to-step guides have been developed for generating your our renewable energy, buying green power and reducing waste and energy.