The Australian Youth Climate Coalition

The Campaign

The Campaign

Since Climate Game Change launched in February of 2013, young people have been taking action across Australia to protect our Reef and the climate from the proposals to hugely expand our coal exports. Here are a few of the highlights: 

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    Building our movement

    In late February, more than 3,000 university students pledged a total of 155,000 hours to change the game on climate this year.
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    Day of Action

    1,000 young people came together in capital cities around Australia at the beginning of May to call on our politicians to save the Reef and protect our climate.
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    Supporting local communities

    Meet Ginny - a tourism operator and campaigner from Keppel Bay, where two proposals for coal ports are threatening her community. In May, 20 young people travelled to Keppel Bay to help Ginny and the local group there run a community survey about three new ports being proposed for the beautiful untouched Keppel Bay. We surveyed 1000 community members, and 70% of respondents said they don't support the proposed ports.
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    Talking to the decision-makers

    We’ve taken our message to Ministers, Shadow Ministers, and MPs from all the major political parties. Now it’s time for them to hear directly from you and the thousands of Australians who care about this issue.