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Lend Lease

Lend Lease

As we know, a huge expansion of Australia's coal ports is being planned for the Great Barrier Reef, and if these six huge new ports go ahead they won't just destroy the Reef - it will be game over for the climate. 

Right now as approvals go through for these development, companies are looking to invest and start construction. We have an opportunity to stop them, and get them to reconsider their investment. 

Lend Lease is one of those companies, and they have recently expressed interest in funding the development of the AP-X coal terminal at Abbot Point. 

We're really concerned about this, as if it goes ahead, the AP-X terminal would significantly damage the Great Barrier Reef, and fuel dangerous climate change. 

Along with our concern, the community is concerned too, and with 36 other community organisations we have written an Open Letter to Lend Lease and will be delivering it over the next month. See the letter here.